Extreme heat (or cold) is not helpful for the battery in your EV. High heat can reduce the range of your car and increase the time it takes to charge. The battery can also degrade more quickly and reduce its overall lifespan. DC fast charging also causes high-heat and this is why you may want to limit the number of trips to a DC fast charger. If you are on a road-trip, this may be unavoidable, but charging on a Level 2 charger more often will help extend the performance and life of your battery.

Check out this article from Electrek to learn how to minimize the impact of summer-time heat and keep your EV running smoothly: https://electrek.co/2023/07/10/ev-running-extreme-heat/?fbclid=IwAR1JQBeo5J7san3_Kzt9RdscOlRHmeCG3_7bSUnNmotq7_1332gEGDOnjMQ.

EV Charge PDX specializes in Level 2 charging station installations.