Most electric panels have capacity for a new dedicated circuit, however we will
verify this during the quote process and will include any upgrades or permits required.

Yes. When you receive the quote, flexible payment options will be included.

A Smart charging station is one that allows you to control when to start and stop charging to take advantage of reduced rates (often overnight). This function and many others can be controlled via a smartphone app.

 A Level 1 charging station uses your standard household outlet (120V) and typically will provide around 3-4 miles per hour of charging.  A Level 2 charging station uses a 240V circuit which allows you to charge your EV up to 9X faster.  Most EV’s can be fully charged overnight with a Level 2 charging station.  The variables include your EV’s battery size, the rate that battery can accept the charge, and if your electrical service has the capacity to handle the new circuit.  We will work with you to determine the best charger for your vehicle, home electrical system and your driving needs.

 Yes.  Some charging stations are rated for outdoor use and can be mounted on an exterior wall.  Charging stations rated for outdoor use are rated based on the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) standard with a rating of 3 or higher.  Let us know in the quote process if you want your charging station installed outdoors and we will help select an appropriate model. 

Yes, of course there are options that exist on the market.  However, there are several risks associated with 1) doing electrical work, particularly 240-volt circuits and 2) installing equipment that may not be safety certified.  EV Charge PDX electricians are fully licensed in Oregon and have installed hundreds of charging stations.  Also, we only recommend and provide charging stations that are UL certified for safety and carry a minimum of a 3-year warranty.