The world of EVs has been steadily evolving, with major manufacturers striving to improve charging infrastructure and provide seamless experiences for EV owners. In a recent turn of events, Ford has surprised the industry by announcing its decision to include the Tesla plug in its electric vehicle lineup.

Ford aims to enhance the charging options for its EV customers by incorporating the Tesla plug into their vehicles. This decision marks a departure from the traditional approach of relying solely on the CCS charging connectors. By adopting the Tesla plug, Ford EV owners will soon be able to charge at any one of the thousands of Tesla superchargers.

Furthermore, this collaboration may also drive further standardization efforts in the industry. As more automakers consider adopting a common plug, it could accelerate the development of a unified charging standard. This standardization would greatly benefit EV owners, as they would be able to charge their vehicles at any compatible charging station, regardless of the brand.

Early next year, current Ford EV owners will be sent an adapter to allow them to connect to the Tesla superchargers, while sometime in 2025, Ford will incorporate the Tesla plug (NACS) into their vehicles.  It is not clear at this time if Ford will be providing the adapters for free or if current Ford owners will need to purchase them.

Either way, this is great news for Ford EV owners and the industry as a whole.  While Ford was the first major EV maker to partner with Tesla, others will be soon to follow.  The good news for all of us is that with access to Tesla’s very reliable and very large charging network, road trips will become much less stressful. 

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