EV Tax Credit and Charger Rebate Programs

EV tax credit and charger rebate program information.  Take advantage of savings from utility rebates and from the new Federal tax incentives.

Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Program and Utility Rebates:

Rebates for Home EV Charging from Portland General Electric:

Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Program from the DEQ:

Federal EV Tax Credit

Here are two sites discussing the $7,500 tax credit, how these credits are phased out, and what EV’s are currently eligible.

Public Charger Location and Trip Planning Apps

These apps can be used to find the best charging stations for your EV and help you plan long-range trips.

Electric Vehicle General Information

The U.S. Dept of Energy Alternative Fuels Data Center provides a wealth of information including electric vehicle information, benefits of driving EV’s, laws and incentives and much more.

EV Adoption provides detailed EV sales forecasts, charging statistics and more.

The Oregon Department of Energy has compiled information of Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric (PHEV) vehicle adoption with detailed information by county, displayed in an easy-to-use dashboard.